Women empowering commerce industry

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It is an age where women are ruling the roost without whom no field is considered complete. There are plenty of instances replete with women are giving a tough fight to their counterparts. Khusboo Singh is such an example who architected a big empire in a short span of 4 years plus  and above all singlehandedly, won herself a number of accolades and awards.

She was conferred on Ajay Shankar Memorial Award by Ministry of Textiles, GoI in the segment of fashion jewelry and accessories making and State Award by the department of MSME, Government of Uttar Pradesh.  She on 75th Independence Day, was honoured with “Swadesh Business Excellence Award” for “Emerging Business Woman”,2020-2021 in category of Fashion Jewelry & Accessories.    

Ms Singh idolizes Mother Teresa, Rani Laxmi Bai and MaryKom for their immense confidence, guts, resilience, kindness, elegance.  Yoga, meditation, Vipashna and reading keep the entrepreneur occupied and get her going. She elaborates on varied aspects of her journey.

How long did it take you to reach here, what was the journey like?

I way back in 2017 incorporated Aarya Fashions with a small team of 5 employees.  It took me 4 years to reach where I am recognized as an entrepreneur in the international circuit. I attribute this success to my entire unit without whom this journey would not have been successful. We are one of the top leading exporters in handicraft fashion jewelry and accessories.  As regards my journey, it has been very satisfying blended with struggle, endurance, perseverance and commitment.

Whom do you attribute your success to?

Well my husband Abhishek Chauhan has been a man behind me who always encouraged me to excel with my skills.

 Why did you choose this segment?

Being an Entrepreneur, transforming an idea from theory into reality is important. From the beginning, I wanted to do something which has long wings in the international sphere for exports of handicraft items is the perfect segment to execute my theory into reality. Very importantly India is full of amazing artisans in handicrafts I wanted to take Indian handicrafts further to new heights. Therefore, I chose handicraft fashion jewelry, bags and accessories.

How big was the capital you began your venture with?

That is the biggest obstacle to starting a new business venture is fund. I started with a small amount of 2 lakh rupees and with just 2 rooms of 900 sq ft area and mere 5 employees. Today, the industry has moved to a bigger place where I have more than 100 employees sharing the area of 15000 sq ft.

What were the problems you have had to face being a female in this  patriarchal society ?

As we are in Patriarchal society, the male entrepreneur are preserved and idea of women entrepreneurial activities is considered as a distant dream.  Being a woman entrepreneur still ends up playing multiple roles at both home and  work fronts. I  had frequent customary pitfalls but then I had overcome as time went by.

But now Indian women are no longer restricted to being homemakers, And women entrepreneurs in India are being recognized and appreciated not just nationally but globally in the international sphere as well.

 Where do you see your empire in another five years?

In five years, my goal is to successfully obtain next levels in my handicrafts industry to reach different parts of world. I am thrilled to introduce more new things from the region of Indian handicrafts, across the globe in the days to come.

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