Police Chief Asthana documents history 6 women district heads, Induction of 65 new SHOs,48 SHOs removed, 9 lady

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A massive shuffle in the force is entirely unprecedented in the history of Delhi Police. 55 inspectors have got transferred by the PHQ,Delhi out of whom 44 have been posted as SHOs for the first time, and 9 lady SHOs in toto are manning the police station.

On the other hand, the SHOs who have have developed a kind of ‘rapport’ and remained sitting glued to one particular thana were also removed. These 34 SHOs have been transferred to different other units within the force out of them 18 inspectors have been sent to units like security and PTC wings. This was done with a view to strengthening the DAP (Delhi Armed Police), security in Delhi courts and other sensitive points as the CP mentioned.

Police Commissioner Asthana has either suspended or called 9 SHOs to the district lines in the last couple of months.

As per the sources, 65 out of 79 have been given SHOship for the first time in the last one month.
Woman inspectors who have been posted as SHOs are Kamini Gupta, Sapna Duggal, Pratibha Sharma,Dominca Purthi,Alpna Sharma,Roshlim Poonam Minz,Poonam Parikh and Harjinder Kaur and Shivani Malik.

It’s more than evident that the SHO is a vital component of the police machinery without whom law and order mechanism can’t function. The police chief must see the working of police stations across the city and check if the concept of ‘Model Thana’ is mere eyewash?

Public dealing, coarse language and the ego-inflated attitude of the police personnel aggravate the agony of the aggrieved people which results in tarnishing the image of the police force, barring a handful of ‘thana prabharis’ and his subordinates who unlike many others, behave sincerely and scrupulously.

The Police Chief must take a closer look at the PS level rather than believing the DCP who believes anything plattered out to him by the SHO or ACP sub-division.

Besides, registration of crime should be taken on a serious note, else it will spike the crime rate and bolster the criminals if they go unregistered. Many SHOs hold a court within the police station so as to settle the dispute ‘amicably’ instead of taking it to the court.

An SHO more often than not is seen creating an opportunity and reaping a rich dividend from his plum posting, he focuses on ‘sectors’ where money flows free that include disputed property, illegal construction, satta syndicate, unauthorised parking lots, money transactions rackets and protecting the criminals for money and extortion in the name of implicating one in a false case rather than tracking a PO (Public Offender),local criminals whether silent or vocal, recently-released jail birds and BCs of the area.Above all, local netas making a fast buck in the white- clad robes with the collusion of the police. These chinks need to be plugged only then will the police machinery function smoothly and efficiently in the interest of the commoner and this will bridge the yawning divide between the and the public.

Delhi Police are way better and much more competent than that of other states save for few lacunae in the system.

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