Myriads Of Aesthetic Shades

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aaj jaane ki zid na karo….

A man can never change a destiny designed by God. Here comes such an innate talent who has scaled dizzying heights breaking the glass ceiling. The multitasking Nishi Singh was brought up in a family where her father was an IAS officer, she was deeply inspired by him, she sat for UPSC (prelims) and even passed but destiny designed it otherwise. She took to music like a duck to water.

Though her genre is romantic and love-drenched movie songs yet she knows the art of Hindustani classical music ranging from raaga, bandish, thumri to khayaal like the back of her hand, she is a prolific singer of ghazal gayan as well.

She strongly believes the guru-shishya and ustaad-shagird parampara.

Of late, Nishi Singh has cut a couple of albums that brought her great fame just not only her mellifluous and silky voice but the peppy and foot-tapping numbers she sang with great panache. ‘Mera dil’ and ‘Soni Kudi’ have been big hits in the recent past. Nishi aims for excellence and endeavors to perfect all that she is bestowed upon.

Singh hails from Uttar Pradesh, went to Delhi University’s premium college LSR (Lady Sri Ram) then studied Law at Law Faculty main campus of the varsity. She honed her skills of singing at Gandharv Mahavidhalaya. Time came when her musical voyage entered a cul de sac; a lull descended and music took a back seat. After a long hiatus, she has resumed her journey and begun to stage concerts. When at leisure, she loves spending time jollying her room up, pruning and tending her lush and exotic flower- lined garden.

In trying times during lockdown, when pandemic had swallowed many livelihoods, a battery of good Samaritans stepped forward to help those who were left stranded without food and clothing. NAAD Foundation run by Singh is one that works for the underprivileged children and promotes culture and heritage. The Foundation went the extra mile helping the helpless during the lockdown.

Nishi’s burning passion for painting has always been her first love to express her cathartic experience. Painting a balloon-selling boy with his poverty-hit eyes sunk in search of hunger had won her laurels. The sparrows on the brink of extinction were well brushed that frame attracted many at the gallery. She is one regular at reputed exhibition galleries; her work of art particularly acrylic and oil paintings takes her overseas. Taj Maha Utsav and Rose Chandigarh invite her canvas for a panoramic view. She prefers portraying a street urchin and street life of a messy metropolitan to painting all typical types.

Nishi is profoundly sincere in striking a perfect balance between her as an artist and her family comprising a college going son, a daughter at school and her IPS husband Alok Kumar, IG/Joint CP with Delhi Police.

The magnanimous Singh shared several vignettes of her foray into music, painting, and gardening. This good and patient listener pens poetry lounging under the banyan in the sylvan surroundings of her lawny house.

e mohammat tere anjaam pe rona aaya

Singh sings off on this very melodious note.


When did you discover a singer in you?

This happened when I was going to write my first boards. I sang in the school choir.

Where did you get formal training?

I had my basic training from Gandharva Mahavidyalay.  Pt Jwala Prasad in fact was my guru who mentored me.

Which genre does your gayaki fall into?

 I mostly sing Bollywood kind of tracks, light romantic songs, bhajans.  I follow sugam sangeet. I feel equally comfortable with ghazal and sufi singing.

What’s  your latest album coming out?

Well, there are few projects in the pipeline but no title has been finalized so far.

Can you please elaborate on painting?

I am deeply in love with painting. It’s been there since my school days.

 I love doing acrylic, paint canvas with watercolor and oil.  I have participated in many group exhibitions and auctions. Painting real-life situations are my forte. My paintings have featured in India Art Festivals in Delhi and Mumbai.  Besides, many more prestigious exhibitions hosted by ICCR also showcased my work.

How does Naad Foundation work?

It is all about promoting art, culture, and heritage. NAAD provides poor and deprived kids with education. It has adopted as many as 40 children and going to adopt a village in Uttarakhand. When the country was placed under lockdown.  The Foundation distributed 10 tonnes of dry ration, PPE kits, sanitizers, and masks to thousands of the stricken lot.

You are fond of gardening, comment.

I love plants. I watch them grow which really connects me with nature.

Do you find it difficult striking a balance between you and your family?

No. I manage time in accordance with priority. I avoid things that invade my space. My family is my first preference and the rest comes later.

Who is your favourite playback singer(s)?

I immensely adore Lata and Asha Mangeshkar Ji and Mohammad Rafi sahib.  Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam are my favorites. 

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