Corona Kits Distributed To ‘Transgender’

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This ignored section of society in fact feels all the more ignored during multiple lockdowns triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic. Life has come to a grinding halt without work. The lockdown has rendered more than many jobless particularly this community has suffered the nastiest onslaught of the pandemic. Society more often than not chooses to be indifferent towards them.

Corona Kits Distributed To 'Transgendender'

Saraswati Education Society has stepped ahead and helped this deprived segment. In association with AINSW, the Society distributed ration and corona kits to many of this community in east Delhi. President of SES, Amit Mishra said, ” We’ve been working for the upliftment of transgenders. Today in times of the pandemic and lockdown in Delhi, this neglected community is pulling up hard ways to even make one bellyful meal properly. Keeping in view their problems, we sensitized the community. We have distributed sanitizer, masks, and raw ration.”

Present on the occasion were Jagdish, Nazakat, Sunder, Ravi, Anil, and Gautam who also made their contribution.

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