Authentic Culinary Delights Of Old Delhi

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Old Delhi or walled city is a perfect joint for food connoisseurs where diners and food joints almost everywhere invite one and all for their delectable and palatable nosh. If you are a real foodie you just cannot pass by ignoring these eateries.

Delhi seems a biryani capital for exotic and rich biryani. Yameen at Northeast district’s Jafrabad is catching the attention of biryani lovers, Babu Shahi Bawarchi at Matka Peer near Pragati Maidan once a popular biryani point has lost its lovers amidst many new kids on the block. Taufiq in purani dilli is par excellence .

Moradabadi and Hyderabadi biryani at every corner of the sprawling city claim to be far better than the likes of Behrouz and Biryani by Kilo, which sounds more of a farce, a real fake trending across the city. Biryani at Taufiq is superb in that invites from across Delhi the fancy of food lovers particularly those who are in love with authentic biryani.

This dumpukht biryani eating joint comes in the same lane where the landmark of Darya Ganj Golcha cinema a little next to sabzi mandi (vegetable market) one its origin is still doing well in the of Haveli Azam Khan Chitli Qabar, the wafting aroma guides your olfactory senses to where the steaming hot deigh (cauldron) is inviting you. Where the eatery stays thronged all day long; the crowd thins out a little in the afternoon.

Authentic culinary delights of old Delhi

This new hot joint, a perfect family restaurant serving other than the signature platter of delicious mutton and chicken biryani are Kaju-keema (cashew-minced meat) and mutton korma with wafer-thin roomali roti to morsel with. 500 is quite ideal a treat for two with its kheer. Parking is no issue, Mahavir Vatika, the parking lot is a few steps away.

“We have been into outdoor catering anywhere in Delhi and the NCRs for long. We are going to tie to Zomato and Swiggy very soon. However, we have our boys delivering within a radius of 3 kilometers. We use mustard oil and our own ground spices. We do have a vegetarian menu comprising dal makhani, shahi paneer, and matar paneer, ” Mohammad Taufiq, the owner and the chef speaks. The restaurant crowded on weekends with a 15 to 20 – minute wait that runs from 10 in the morning till 11 in the evening.

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